We are presenting our tube amplifier, which is intended for lovers of music and high-quality performance. Its affordable price and unrivaled quality make this amplifier available to a wider spectrum
of music enthusiasts.

A3 - Tube Amplifier

The amplifier operates in the A class, which guarantees
a reproduction without transient distortions in sound. We have designed a power output for use at home or comparable spaces.

The device offers 4 audio inputs. These will allow you to connect your turntable, CD player.  The AUX input can connect other devices (e.g. a computer, tuner, etc.), and thanks to the Bluetooth connection you can play music directly from your smartphone.

The amplifier is fitted with the most widely used EL84 and ECC83 vacuum tubes . Of course,  service and support are included.

In production a priority is placed on using natural materials – metal and solid wood with the option of selecting wood type.

It is a unique product and every original piece is made by hand, which we guarantee with the “Handmade” Certificate. Delivery can take up to 8 weeks, this guarantees that we can build this amplifier just for YOU.


The product we are offering you has soul. It is one of a few electronic products on the market that is manufactured primarily by hand. The production of this amplifier is more complex than that of a 25-in. television. The people producing it are true professionals. Their full names are stated in the Certificate of Authenticity, included in  your delivery. This shows that your amplifier was produced for YOU.

If you place this amplifier in your HiFi nook today, it will still be there 20 years from now.  Its timeless design connects the past, present and future of electronics.



Our top team of engineers have worked hard to ensure the highest quality in our products in order to meet all of our customers needs.

Analogue parts

In design we carefully selected each individual component. We exclusively use analogue elements in signal section for the Popular A3 amplifier.


Joy of the music

This amplifier offers the ultimate listening experience. It draws you into the record through its superb sound.



Our priority is quality. Each amplifier is manufactured mainly by hand and all have the “Handmade” Certificate attached representing our guarantee.


We bring a unique combination of tradition with new technologies. You can play music from your Android, iOS and Windows devices.


Output sinusoidal power: 2x3W, RMS

Amplifier class: Class A

Frequency range: 18Hz – 25kHz

Impedance of loudspeakers: 4Ohm – 8Ohm

Impedance of headphones: 32Ohm – 250Ohm

Signal/noise ratio (A-weighted):

- CD, AUX, TAPE/EQ: 87dB

- PHONO: 80dB

Harmonic distortion THD+N (at Pout = 3W):

- f = 100Hz: 1.27%

- f = 1kHz: 1.15%

- f = 10kHz: 1.68%

Input sensitivities:

- CD, AUX, TAPE/EQ Input: 300mV

- PHONO : 3mV
Turntable preamplifier:
- Type of correction: RIAA

- Accuracy with RIAA curve: +- 0.3dB
BLUETOOTH mode: A2DP, High quality

Total weight: 11.7kg

Power consumption: < 65W

Supply voltage: 230V/50Hz




This unrivaled tube amplifier arose through the combination of quality electronics and design solutions. It embodies our vision of creating
 a product with soul that's enjoyable to use.

RMC s.r.o.

We are a company with 20-years of experience in the development and production of electronics.

Our top team of engineers guarantee the quality and workmanship in the design and manufacturing of this product. Electronics are the heart of our business.


Popular is a brand that works in graphics, product design, fashion and music.

 Michal Rafaj Jr. is our representative and he has been actively devoted to it more than 12 years.


Maroš Ďurík

chief designer and engineer, musician

Augustín Zubo

construction designer

Michal Rafaj ml.

branding, graphic
designer and DJ

Michal Rafaj

project supervisor, electronics enthusiast
and man "idea-man"

We are team of proffesionals with passion for their work. We provide  great technical support and customers care.

Product configuration

We produce amplifiers in configurations presented in the gallery. It is matte black  metal and treated solid wood. You can select from two types of wood– American Walnut or Elm.

Contents of package

• Amplifier

• Power cord

• 2 spare output tubes

• User Manual

• Warranty

• “Handmade” certificate


How can I order the Popular A3?

To order an amplifier you can contact us directly by phone fax or email. In the order please, specify in what type of wood you are interested in.

Delivery period

Delivery can take up to 8 weeks depending on our production capacity. This is due to the fact that, except for a few minor parts, it is handmade. They are not mass produced and we pay close attention to each piece with regard to its technical performance and appearance. In the order confirmation we will specify the date of delivery.

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Handmade certificate

The “Handmade” certificate guarantees the product's superior quality is made by hand.

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